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You need an Iphone App idea before you can even consider going forward with your Iphone app, without it, your app business is completely non-existent. You probably have a few ideas already and that is good, but you will soon learn how to come up with ideas more regularly. To put it simple, you need to train your brain to think differently. Our subconscious is very powerful and you can learn how to tap it on a conscious level.

Let me give you a example. Did you ever go to buy some groceries and forgot half the items that you were supposed to get? Yip, bet you did. Your subconscious should now be telling you that there is a problem. You should now ask yourself if there is a solution to this problem in the form of an Iphone app. This is the part where you try to come up with with as many solutions as possible, no matter how silly some might be, at this stage, they all count. Don’t hold back ideas because you think they are silly or far fetched.

You can off course just write down items on a piece of paper and then lose it before you even get to the shop. Let us treat this example as a real world scenario (which it actually is). You can for instance have many icons that represent different items that can be added to your shopping list. You can now easily select the items which you want without having to type or write anything down. This can for instance be updated with new items and you can also create weekly/monthly shopping lists to ensure that your cupboards are fully stocked.

People might say that this method can not be applied to games, but it can. There are many game variations, formats and themes which open up many options. There are so many game sub-categories that you are literally spoiled for choice. You can still come up with ideas by investigating the everyday problems that we face.

Words with Friends is a good example Рit solves the issue of our current generation only interacting on a social media level but without the fun factor.  Another example is moms wanting to have a bit of a break while talking to their friends. We see many moms handing their Iphone to a child to play a game to keep them occupied. This opens up the question Рwhat games do children want to play ?

You need to get yourself in a posistion where you question everything that you come across on a daily basis. When you identify an issue, you should immediately start to try and find a solution in the form of an Iphone app.

Good luck, and keep the ideas flowing!






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