How To Create An App

Like most new app store entrepreneurs How To Create An App is the question burning inside their head!

Now depending on exactly what you have in mind will ultimately decide on what course of action you need to take in order to to get your app created and eventually accepted into the apple app store.

The number of apps available in the app store has risen from a few hundred in its early beginning to now having over quarter of a million apps and over 5 billion downloads worldwide.

Its no wonder this revolution in mobile technology has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other online business opportunity so now its your turn to learn how to create an app and profit big bucks from the app store!

So learning how to create an app, having the app placed into the apple app store and knowing how to market to your audience will determine your future success as an iPhone and iPad app developer.

So in a general sense and not focusing on either the iPhone, iPad or any particular software available to create apps, then how do you first start going about creating an app?

how to create an app

How To Create An App:

1. The idea stage is where your app comes to life and if you get this wrong then it may sell very few copies! This means its important to take the time to have a good look at the existing apps within the app store and see why the top ones do so well.

For full instructions on how to create an app I would suggest checking out our App Dev Secrets Review as this is the best option for anyone that’s brand new to creating apps.

2. The next stage is all about getting familiar with the software that is used to code the apps. This can include xcode, Iwebkit and croco 2d.

3. Next comes the Planning Stage, a few things to consider here like… do I learn to code myself or should I outsource the work? How to go about hiring a freelance app developer or a company to do the work. Sketching out your blueprint of how you want the app to run and most importantly, whats your monetization method? What do you do if your app is rejected?

4. Marketing & Selling Your App… Decide on your marketing strategy. Will the app be free? Will you have a lite version with full paid version as an upgrade? How will you sell within your app? Advertising, add ons? 

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How To Create An App

For me the most important stage is the actual idea. Lots of people seem to want to come up with the next big thing but my top tip here is to keep it simple and don’t try to do what has not been done before. Remember this isn’t about reinventing the wheel this is simply about making your app or game viral and usable.

If you want the perfect guide to how to create an app then I highly recommend you check out our App Dev Secrets Review!

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  1. whats the difference between creating an app on the ipad as opposed to the iphone???

    Little confused with that.

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