How To Create An iPhone App

In this article I will focus on how to create an iPhone app and what tools, software and help is available to you to make sure you achieve your goals!

Since the the birth of the iTunes App Store in 2008 over half a million apps have been approved by apple and many more people are jumping on the app store ship each and every day but, the question still remains…

“How does someone with no technical skills learn how to create an iPhone app?

The good news is that absolutely anybody can make an iPhone app, its simply a matter of knowing how to go about it and what obstacles may fall in your way to achieve your goal!

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How To Create An iPhone App:

The first thing to consider when starting your venture is your overall goals for the project. Having a realistic vision of what you would like to achieve helps set the expectations for yourself and make sure your development is heading in the right direction.

So lets take a look at an example:

Lets say “Sara” wants to create an app that will make her some passive income while still working her day job. Sara understands that to achieve this goal she will need to have a team on hand to update the app as the growth of the business builds momentum.

Failing to plan this part in advance would most likely lead to Sara being overwhelmed by the constant customer service emails or updates that are required within the mobile world.

So whether your an individual like Sara, a marketing director or an IT geek creating apps for internal use, having a project goal will ensure your app development is a success.

Some example project goals could be:

  • Create an app that does not require day to day hands on management.
  • Create an app that can be up-scaled to create a full time business.
  • Create an app to promote your existing brand or service.
  • Create a free app that is just for fun.

Jotting Down: So its important to write down some simple project goals.

how to create an iPhone app

What Are Your Expectations For Creating An iPhone App?

The burning question is generally “how much can I expect to make?” however this question is difficult to answer as each individual idea and factors to create an app are unique to the app being created such as:

  • The cost to develop
  • The popularity of the app
  • People behind the management of the apps success

All these factors will contribute towards the financial success of your app. Individuals and companies are all creating apps to solve problems and to entertain, yet the process of how to create an iPhone app seems to be clouded in mystery to the individual. So next we will take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of app creation and give you a step by step guide to turning your own ideas into reality. (If you have zero tech skills then see our App Dev Secrets Review)

So Where To Begin

Because of the success of the app store its important to get your idea evaluated by an expert that’s been there before!

Take a look below for qualified app marketing professionals who can fully evaluate your idea:

So What Will An Evaluation Do For Me?

When you get an expert evaluation you will find out the following:

  • Whether the app will have fierce competition to beat
  • Whether the idea has any technical limitations
  • How to take a god approach to the development process
  • Whether the idea would be profitable based on the development cost
  • Whether the idea is a good fit for the mobile audience

This is the kind of information that will help you over come any initial development problems and to ensure your idea is actually going to be a good investment.

Developing a Monetization & Marketing Blueprint!

Now before jumping straight into having your app developed you need to start thinking about how its going to make you and your possible partners money.

According to a recent survey by AppPromo 80% of apps are not making enough money to sit as a standalone business (102 surveyed)

This means monetization needs to be a top priority ans consulting with the experts will help over come this problem.

how to create an iPhone app

Sign Up For Your Developer Account!

Even if you are going to hire someone to do the work for you, you will still need to be a member of the app store and establish what your business is within there. This will cost you $99 a year and you can sign up here!

The next stages of how to create an iPhone app are as follows:

Sketch Your Application:

  • What actions will users take with the app?
  • What info will each screen need to present?
  • What is the full flow of the app from start to finish?
  • How big should the onscreen features be relevant to each other?

During this process you will often find that new ideas bounce into your head but try to stay on track =k and stick to your project goals.

Identify What Work Needs To Be Outsourced To Create An iPhone App!

There are three main stages withion the course of creating an iPhone app and they are:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Promotion & Marketing

Now in most cases the cost effective way is to go about hiring a freelancer to create your iPhone app. While your costs this way would go down your role as project manager would be increased as all the big decisions would need to be made by yourself and not a team.

The other option is to hire an agency or company to handle the bulk of this work! So identifying what role you want to take in your iPhone app creation is crucial.

Submitting Your App To The App Store

If you hire a developer then they can also help you submit the app to the apple app store as well.  To find out more on submitting your app you can read our app store guide here.

Marketing & Promotion

Being ready with a plan to market your app will determine whether its a success or a complete fail so make sure you are ready and have an idea of how to market your app.

For a full guide on marketing your app check out pour guide here marketing your iPhone app.

There are many different ways to market your app from free to paid methods! Incorporating social media into your apps pre launch and full launch is the best way to make sure you have active users already cuing to buy your app.

How To Create An iPhone App Conclusion

Turning your ideas from just thoughts into actual working creations that make you money can seem like an impossible dream at times but ordinary people all around the world,d have turned to app development and built businesses literally over night using the apple app store.

How to create an iPhone app Using app dev secrets online training will teach you everything you need step by step!

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