How To Market Your App

Discover the the tricks to getting seen in the app store with our guide on how to market your app!

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad applications in the apple app store so getting yours into the spot light may seem like an impossible task! How to you get media coverage? How do you get people talking about your app? Better yet how do you get the masses to buy your app and show it off to their friends?

How To Market Your App 101 Crash Course!

By following our simple pointers below you will ensure you stand a good chance at achieving fame and fortune within the apple app store!

how to market your app

How To Market Your App

Standing out From The Crowd!

In simple terms one way to stand out in the app store is to create an app that is unique! Seems obvious right? However thousands and thousands of apps have none to very little inspiration behind them making then complete flops!

So if you really want to rake in the big bucks fast then you need to either:

1. Become the first developer in your category product or…

2. Reinvent an existing category with something unique!

If you look to improve already existing apps then you will always be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to selling your app.


Be Sociable!

When it comes to how to market your app you need to be sociable where others are willing to talk about the app!

This may seem like the most obvious marketing tactic but if your app is good then it will be passed around the social networks like a raging wild fire, this means mass exposure, downloads, growth and of course MONEY!

Be Interesting

try to make the conversations about your app engaging and interesting! Try to imagine selluing the app to the twitter network and describe it in just 140 characters!

Think Like The Media!

Getting good media coverage means you need to think like they would… what makes your app a great story? Is it funny? Does it solve a specific problem that thousands of people would want solved?

Get Blog Support!

Getting some top blogs on board to actually talk about you will help send your content viral. Getting on review and media sites is crucial to your success, because reviews and stories will stay there for months and years means they can bring in traffic to your app for a long time!

market your iphone app

How To Market Your App

Early hype Means a Big Launch!

How to market your app and succeeding will come down to your pre launch planning and prep, with no one talking about your app prior to it launching means your going to be a flop or at the very least take a while to get going and get noticed.

Having a coming soon page for your site visitors with a teaser of your app will gauge their interest early on! Better yet make sure you offer them a way to join your news letter so they can be kept up to date of the official launch date and send them countdown email alerts right up till the day you go live!

As with many things in life nothing is a surefire way and testing the waters is often how people go on to succeed but by learning effective ways on how to market your app just like the top app sellers do is where to start!

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  1. Social media is how to do it. you need people to talk about the app I mean look at angry birds it went crazy over 10 million in sales.

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