What Is Cocos 2d?

So what exactly is Cocos 2d and is it easy to use?

Cocos 2d is the leading open source software that is royalty free developed for the smart phone. It is essential a game engine. The best thing about cocos 2d is that its very easy to use making it the market leader.

Cocos 2d Is Free!

Allot of the other game engine software’s that are used to create apps for the iPhone, iPad or android cost money where as cocos 2d is completely free to use!

Being a free game engine makes it easy for beginners to get there hands on it and start to learn how it works. there are allot of paid game engines that give out free trial periods but knowing that you can actually go ahead and build a full gaming app using cocos 2d without ending up having to splash the cash is a comforting thought to any beginner!

Even better cocos 2d is royalty free meaning any money you make from selling your developed app is all yours to keep!

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Cocos 2d has a huge support community

There is a huge community of helpful app developers that are willing to share their hard earned knowledge with the rest of us folk and allot of these people started with cocos 2d.

This only adds benefit to the game engine knowing that of you do get stuck there is a willing and helpful community out there to help you. You can check out our help forums here iPhone Forum!

Cocos 2d is open source

Nothing slows you down more than when you end up with an issue in development and then not having the entire source code to see whats wrong!

That’s why cocos 2d has been made as a fully open source gaming engine so you won’t get slowed down by such problems and makes learning how to create iPhone and iPad apps a really enjoyable experience.

Cocos 2d is simple yet effective

Now 2d games are pretty dam simple right? Jumping in and trying to mess around with 3d gaming apps is a nightmare when your starting out so this helps you over come any initial learning jitters or doubts.

With cocos 2d you will be up and running in know time making the learning experience exactly how it should be FUN!

However if you really want to enhance your gaming app then going 3d is easy enough with cocos 2d so that’s not an issue!

cocos 2d game engine

So what Kind Of Game Do You Have In Mind?

So what kind of game are you looking to make? Whether its an RPG or just a simple graphical app Cocos 2d is what you need to get started!

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