iPhone 5 Review

The rumors thrill, excitement photo leak leads to higher levels of increasing expectations of the features of the iPhone 5, although the announcement was greeted with scorn by holding the apparent lack of improvement , record sales tell a completely different story.

Given the changes to the disappointing iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 launch really need a boost customers to try Apple can repeat the trick to change the game is controlled by the iPhone 4.
The iPhone 5 is expected high price, so consumers should also be taken into account when looking for their next smartphone.
Thus, the Apple iPhone 5 is the maximum smartphone ever, and not see that Apple finally back to the first place in the top 20 mobile cards? Or was it a case of too little too late … and what about those damn cards, huh?

iphone 5 review


Let’s start with the traditional way: how you really feel in the hand. With the iPhone 5 will not be many types of buyers: the amplifier 4 (or more money than sense enhancers iPhone 4S), those tired of your Android phone and take their first steps on the smartphone market and want get one of them iThingies your friend / child.

Well, those who collect the iPhone 5 will have the same reaction: it is incredibly light. You’ve probably heard by now the numbers (20 percent lighter than its predecessor, and beat most opposition too to 112 g.)
It’s strange, but we actually experience the first time you pick it up. We welcomed the heavy feeling of the iPhone in the past, giving a sensation in the face of gross toys like cells, and it is almost disappointing that Apple has decided to join the clan.
However, by using long this problem quickly disappears overall effect of the phone is still a frame designed for strength, it just sits in the pocket longer anonymous.

Obviously, check the pitch change too – the iPhone 5 is 123.8mm high for the larger screen of 4 inches. Indeed, those who are not familiar with the iPhone 4S probably will not notice the difference, which is why it is a good thing for Apple to include the big screen if you do not put people who hate phones large.

The decision to join the 4-inch Apple is admitting that although people recognize everywhere the idea of having more screen space to play with him, he refuses to let nature using the thumb device.
With a mixture of moving the center of gravity slightly reposition the screen inside the bezel, it is possible to move the thumb in particular around the entire screen with one hand, which is clearly of Apple ready to keep hold of.

However, we are not convinced that the argument, and the power button was a little more scope when you use the phone normally, like everything in the upper left corner of the screen. #
It was not a problem in reality, scooting the phone as a contact in the palm of the hand is a natural action. But if this is the case, why not offer a 4.3-inch screen, at least?
There’s more to a phone screen these days (although less) and the general construction of the iPhone 5 is excellent to say the least.

iphone 5 review

We tested two versions ceramic white and black anodized two-tone effect and the back of the phone is impressive, both visually and to the touch.
Do not exceed the beauty of One S HTC, with its micro-arc oxidized back and rounded lines, but is well placed in second position.

The two upper sections pigmented glass and the lower part of the phone add a pleasing effect, and sapphire is to be completely resistant to complete Gorilla glass front.
Apple knows consumers are furious when gout and iPhone, and is clearly an attempt to stop the breaks before they occur with a shell – although it seems that the black anodized version is very prone to scratches, with a number of users Chip quoted in the darker shade.
Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing senior, apparently responded to an email from a user that the aluminum strip and smart use natural – and we also hear that the white iPhone 5 models are therefore returned by the coat.
We kept our black iPhone 5 in a flexible bag in a bag for a large part of his life, but he saw the chip with at least the following key / contact piece in less than two weeks:

For a device of this premium, users expect to survive pocket proof and therefore especially for the first two weeks of life. This is a big flaw that Apple provides users agree that a product can be easily damaged.
The same industrial band around the outside is indeed again as in the iPhone 4 and 4S, with small sections removed when the antenna is attached.
Apple has been advanced as an antenna here, ie the day of signal loss is over, and generally increase the power of the call connection and also GPS lock.

There are other important design changes here too: the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone, and the iconic 30-pin connector has been removed in favor of the new port of lightning, giving a headache for those who have invested in chargers, docks, and other accessories on their iPhone lives.
You can buy an adapter, but it will be expensive: £ 25 or $ 30 when it arrives in October. And if you want to keep permanently attached to the bottom of the iPhone 5 will buy some, which is far from ideal.
However, Apple continues to harangue for that too: a small connector is not only easier to use (you can plug the cable smaller, round, and feels more solid connection), but the rewards are slim and more compact to start.

iphone 5 review

There is a glimmer of light at the top right of the iPhone 5 – when the screen is on, you can see below the band if you really, really look. He was seen by a number of users, but it is difficult to reproduce unless you hide the screen and hold it at the right angle.
This is yet another sign of something even as Apple machine, but everyday almost completely invisible.
The decision to move the headphone jack of 3.5 mm in the background is a strange, since while allowing you to slide the phone in the pocket of his head to listen to music, which is a more natural is a real pain in the back for some applications that only work in the landscape in a particular way to the top.
Using this way means that the experience will have ripple helmet takes about two fingers.
This is not the most comfortable way to hold a phone, even when you use the phone in portrait mode, the cat is in the way a bit. In addition, there is miles of the volume buttons, which makes it difficult to change the audio level in your pocket if you do not use headphones dedicated.
There are other small design changes to the iPhone 5 and that the iSight camera head moves to the center and the start button is much higher to help reduce the incidence of a portal to main screen broken.

But enough about what the phone looks like – the question is how the murderer feels in your hand. And we will summarize by saying smooth. It’s a little slippery, and we were worried would be reduced if the damn thing.
But this is the only negative about the design (except for low-weight aluminum top and striped) as it sits well in the palm and allows you to do everything with one hand, even hit the top mounted buttons / lock easily.
The lock button is still loose, as it was in the iPhone 4, that is when you shake the phone around you can hear a click, negating much of the feeling of quality that Apple is research.
Do not get me wrong, the iPhone 5 is a beautifully crafted phones out there – but when you pay £ 529 in advance for the thing, we hope that Apple would be doing less.

Well it looks good from the front, it does not really add much to the design of the iPhone – which is certainly not the same as the extraordinary design of the iPhone 4 with respect to iPhone 3GS … is another evolution in iLine. Not bad, but for those who expected that the iPhone 5 would be another step there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed by the looks … sitting in standby power precious.
There was a real opportunity for Apple to remove the frame and the front of the screen a look that is similar to an OLED TV from the likes of Samsung and LG … but we treat the same lines as before.
You always have the feeling that Apple keeps everything possible to ensure that the next version of the iPhone, and although there is nothing wrong with the current construction is the screen from edge to edge to become something great on the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

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  1. I may wait till the iPhone 6 is released lol

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