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The Apple App store is the place where you will market your app.  They currently have around 500,000 apps for the iPhone in their app store and this number is increasing on a daily basis. When we also take into account the apps that is developed for the iPad, the number increases to around 700,000.

These numbers may seem high, but let us look at a website comparison.  There are around 346,000,000 sites which goes to show just how much room there is for growth in the app market. There are still a lot of app ideas that need to see the light of day and this is where you come in. Once you get your mind into the app business and you talk about it with your friends and colleagues, you will get more app ideas than you could possibly handle. The point I am trying to make is that you should not be afraid of competition. This is still an open market where you can prosper. Some people come up with great ideas and never act on it, but if you do, you will never look back!

The hardest part of building apps is the place where you find yourself now – the start. Creating iPhone apps is not only easy but it is also a lot of fun. This is evident from the amount of app developers with more than one app. You see, once they realize that it is not rocket science and that you can make some serious money, they are hooked.

Don’t get left behind, take action and invest in the app dev secrets course and create your first iphone app.

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